Originally formed in 1984, Waiting for Riki enjoyed early success with their album entitled “Waiting for Riki – 1″. The band’s name was coined by band member, Blogg’s, girlfriend whilst camping outside Athens and we can only guess at what Riki was up to!

As part of the melting pot of musical talent that has been buzzing around Manchester for decades, WFR have gigged at venues such as the Hacienda, Band on the Wall and the now sadly defunct – but infamous – Boardwalk. They even shared the “Lockup Studios” in Chorlton with The Stone Roses and The Smiths, as well as playing numerous festivals both in the UK and abroad, culminating in their appearance at the famous “Burning Man” festival in the Nevada desert.

After a spectacular split in the early 1990’s – that can only be described as Rock ‘n Roll – they went their separate ways, finding new projects. The ‘wounds of old’ (including women and paternity suits…) lost their sting and the original members have long since laid the ghosts to rest.

The line-up of the band may have changed over the years, as band members have gone on to other projects, but co-founders Riki Newton and Warren Price return to Waiting for Riki with a renewed energy and enthusiasm. With their excellent musicianship and ability to produce music that crosses the spectrum of music genres, they continue to enjoy dedicated support and look to the future with their new album to be released soon.

When recently asked what their favourite gig was, Riki and Warren dissolved into fits of giggles. “Upstairs in The Old Grey Horse” – in Didsbury – they eventually spluttered. As this former venue only held about 100 people, and Waiting for Riki have played in front thousands, an explanation was sought – but drowned out by – more laughter!

As they are currently rehearsing for upcoming gigs, only experiencing Waiting for Riki live will provide an answer!

A full back catalogue listing will be posted soon and you can check out demos on this site when they are released.